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The CMME is a small profile footprint charging generator specially designed for IML applications. The unit has fully integrated high voltage parts and only needs a 24V DC supply. The housing is compact, robust and only weighs 500 grams which makes it perfect for end of arm mounting in IML pick and placehandling systems. It can easily withstand the high G-forces occurring during the IML process.

The CMME has a unique (patented) cyle OK feature.
A signal will become active when the label(s) have accumulated enough electrostatic charge indicating that the charging is finished. This signal can be used by the machine interface to decide to stop charging. A second stage in the cycle OK signal will indicate that the charge on the mandrell has dropped below asafe level to start moving the mandrell out of the mould.This innovative feature completely eliminates the guess work and experimental setup for each individualIML application, and when changing product or label.

The best part is; It will save you money!
Using the parameters generated by the CMME you can drastically reduce the charging time and thus thetotal cycle time of the injection moulding process.

  • Speed up initial set up
  • Speed up changeover
  • Speed up cycle time
  • Increase reliability

The cycle OK signal even gives you more information about the process. If during the charging processthe charging level deviates more than 10% from the setpoint, the cycle OK signal will notbe activated, telling you that charging was not successful. This could mean one or more of thelabels are not present, causing too much voltage leakage.

Indication LED’s on both sides of the end of the CMME unit will display general information about the status of the unit.

Status High voltage Leds
Initialisation Off Blink green @10Hz
Standby Off Blink green @1Hz
Normal mode On Orange
Overload cycle OK On Blink red @5Hz
Supply voltage < 18V On Blink red @5Hz
Overload HV On Red
Temperature > 90°C Off Blink red/green @1Hz

The CMME is equipped with an easily detachable high voltage distribution block. The high voltage distribution block is available with 1-8 connection cables.

The CMME can be used directly from a machine interface capable of supplying a 4-20 mA signal for the setpoint and a 24V DC signal for remote on/off.

Manual operation can be implemented by an additional control circuit. The control circuit enables you to mount a potentiometer and LED by simply providing 2 holes in the front panel of your machine interface.


  • Cycle OK signal
  • Miniaturised Design
  • Compact and robust, capable of withstanding G-forces
  • No high voltage cable running through the cable channel
  • Supply voltage 24V DC
  • Detachable high voltage distribution block
  • LED’s on both sides
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • External Setpoint control
  • Remote on/off signal

Technical specifications

Required power supply
Supply voltage 21-27 V DC
Electricity consumption Max. 0,7 A
Setpoint 4 – 20 mA, 220 Ω internal resistance
Connection M12 connector, 5-pin
Output voltage 0 – 18 kV negative
Output current Max. 0,4 mA @ 50% duty cycle
Operating environment Industrial, internal use
Ambient temperature 0-50°C
Protection class IP54
Cycle ok Supply voltage -1 V (max. 50 mA)
Remote on/off 10 – 30 V
Dimensions (lxwxh) 200 x 45 x 36 mm
Weight 340 g (excluding high-voltage cables)
Housing material ABS
Vibration resistance ≤ 6 G, ≤ 7 m/s