Manager IQ Easy Introducing a new level of static control; the heart of the new IQ Easy platform is the Manager IQ Easy. It comprises of a Control unit with a 7” LCD touch screen, provides information from all the connected devices and makes it easy to change and monitor status and parameters. Up to 6 IQ devices can be directly connected to the Manager IQ Easy. The 24V DC power distribution is routed via the Manager, so no extra cables! This makes the connection of a device even easier than connection to a single desktop power supply. 

The Manager IQ is available in 2 versions:
1) Input voltage 100 – 240V /50-60 Hz This unit converts the input voltage to 24V DC and provides power to all 6 ­connected devices.

2) Input voltage 24V DC 
This model needs a 24V power input provided by the user.

Further extension of devices is possible using the Extension IQ Easy. This adds ­another 6 devices to the system with a maximum of 30. 

2 ports on each Manager or Extension are available for the connection of ­previous ­(non IQ) Easy products e.g. Performax Easy.


Communication to machine interfaces is provided. Analogue and digital inputs, ­outputs and several serial fieldbus protocols can be used. Also Ethernet and USB ports are available for many functions.

Pro-Active ionisation control:

Through Simco-Ion’s patented technology of upstream charge evaluation, it is ­possible to fine tune neutralisation of static in combination with a Performax IQ Easy anti-static bar. Adding a Sensor IQ Easy to the system will allow the user to measure the downstream charge on the material. The system can also be perfected further to enhance ­efficiency and allow quality control. Closed loop measuring and adjustment of the static bar output will guarantee an extremely low level of residual charge.

Data logging:

Al device and process parameters are logged in real time and can be made ­visible on the LCD screen or downloaded through the Ethernet interface.


  • 7” full colour touch screen.
  • Information is colour coded.
  • Controls up to 30 devices.
  • Connection up to 6 devices.
  • Analogue & digital inputs and outputs.
  • Serial fieldbus interfaces.
  • Ethernet interface.
  • USB interface.

The LCD display is beautifully styled and clearly organised giving the ­operator an i­mmediate overview and status of the system. All information is colour coded and ­visible from a long distance.

Blue: The device is operational and running.
Green: The device is operational, but in standby mode.
Orange: Notice, one or more devices need attention e.g. cleaning is required.
Red: Alarm, a device has a fault or parameter has exceeded the alarm level.
Grey: No device is connected.